Saturday, September 21, 2013

The types of Car insurance

When knowing about car insurance you have to know about a certain thing called policy. Basically when you buy Car insurance, you buy a certain policy. So, what is a policy? A car insurance policy is a contract between you and the person of the company that as insured you. It holds all the tools and regulation on the amount of money you have to play and the amount of money that the insurer has to pay in case of an accident. These Car insurance policies depend on the kind of car you drive and also the type of insurance that you seek to have. A policy covers certain types of car insurance offers. And there are a lot of offers that a car insurance company offers. What you need is to do is compare the policies and buy the one that meets your requirements the most. You will find out that some of the coverage of your car insurance is required according to the state that you live in, while other are totally optional. Below is a list of some of the Coverage that Car Insurance policies covers: 1. Collision: This is the coverage that ensures that your Car insurance will pay if your car gets hit by another car or object. 2. Personal Injury Protection: This is a coverage that is required in some states. This ensures your Car insurance to pay for the treatment for the insured driver, regardless of the fault. 3. Medical Coverage: this is the same as above, and pays all sort of medical insurance due to an accident with another auto car. 4. Liability: This is the coverage that pays any sort of accidental injuries to your body or any sort of property damage. Property damage includes any sort of damage to government or private property and automobiles. Bodily injuries includes any sort of medical expenses, pain and suffering caused by an accident. This type of coverage also pays for any type of defense and court cases that you may have to face. Normally the state decides the amount of liability coverage you have to have, but you can always have more. 5. Comprehensive: This is a very expensive Car insurance plan and shouldn’t be bought if you don’t have a really expensive car, or you are not filthy rich. This sort of coverage covers the expenses of the damage your car gets from anything other than car collision. This may be a fire, flood, theft, vandalism, etc. 6. Uninsured and Underinsure Motorists: This is a very optional car insurance policy. This basically mean that if you get into a collision with another car and that person doesn’t have enough money insured to pay for the damages ten this insurance policy covers that. Also, if the other driver doesn’t have any sort of insurance at all, this policy also covers that. 7. Rental reimbursement: This is a Car insurance policy that lays for any sort of damage that your rental car might have in the roads. Most Car insurance policies comes with a number with a mixture of the above mention coverage and they are all at different prices. What you must do is desire the types of coverage that you need to have and makes the best possible decision. You will need to check with the laws of your state regarding Car insurance and your own personal needs and later on make an informed decision on which sort of Car insurance policy is the right choice for you.

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