Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reducing Car Insurance Quotes

As you probably know, you cannot drive your car without having your car insured. This can turn out to be a pretty hectic work and cost a lot of money. That is why you need to find the best insurance quote you can get, how do you get it? You compare!! Yes, you have heard me right. The best way for you to know you are getting a cheap insurance quote is if you compare the insurance quotes from different insurance company and find out the best one for you. Your state might need you to have a liability coverage, but when you ask an insurance company, you will see that they add a lot of other coverage and increase the insurance quote by a lot. You need to stay away from this. The age of today has made it very easy for you to find out cheap car insurance quotes. All you need to do in go into the internet and you will find a thousand websites that help you compare the insurance quotes of different companies and assist you in finding the best one for you. But if you don’t have access to the internet, there are a lot of other ways you can use to decrease the insurance quote. One of the things that highly affect the insurance quote is your car. If you have an expensive, new car your insurance quote will be a lot higher than if you have an old car. What insurers normally do is divide cars into 50 different groups and depending on the group your car is in, they give you an insurance quote. If your car is in a higher group, they will charge more premium. Also try not to modify your car a lot as this increases your premium too and in turn increases your insurance quote. The second thing is for you to try to limit your mileage. Don’t take your car out when you are just travelling for a few blocks. The more you take the car out, mean the more you are susceptible to accidents. Try to calculate the number the mileage that you use up every day and make sure it is the same as mentioned in the policy. More mileage will see you getting a higher insurance quote. Also, when you are driving, try to do it with care. Do not be reckless and obey the rules and regulations of the road. If you are knows to be accident prone, the insurance quote might rise up to a lot. Never make claims, as then you will get a no-claim discount which might see to a 50% discount on your premium. Another thing to do is to have a pay as you go insurance. This will make the insurance company fit a tracking device and only pay for the amount of mileage you travel. Another thing that will help you get a reduced insurance quote is your driving skills, therefore try to pas all sort of driving tests that the government has. This might see you getting a discount of over 30% in your insurance. These are basically the things you can do to get a cheap insurance quote, but always remember to haggle with the insurance company about the insurance quote. This is every competitive industry and if you are successful at haggling you might get a really cheap price. Automobile insurance is not cheap but it can save you from a lot of dangerous accidents, so even if your states has no rules for it, always have your car insured.

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